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Hi! We're the people who made Fallout. We like what we did, and thought you might be interested in us. This page is mostly for our family and friends. If you want to know more about Fallout, you might want to look around. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our work - Team Fallout

Core Development Team

Hey, it's us!

Thanks for playing Fallout!
We hope you had as much fun playing it as we had !%*&@ making it!


The Producers
Tim Cain, Fred Hatch

The Artists!
Eddie Rainwater, Scott Rodenhizer, Leonard Boyarsky, Tramell Issac, Gary Platner, Robert Collier, Sharon Shellman, Jason Anderson

The Programmers!
Jesse Reynolds, Tim Hume, Tim Cain, Chris Jones, Kevin Weatherman

The Designers!
Nick Kesting, Scott Everts, David Hendee, Chris Taylor, Jess Heinig, Robert Hertenstein II

Uh, oh.The Boss...
Feargus Urquhart

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