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As we get a little closer to actually shipping, this log will track the updates to the project. The farther down the list, the older the update is. Something we should have added a while ago, but here it is...

OGR 9.5/10! - Gamecenter 4/5!
PC Gamer 90%! - CGW 4.5/5!

Project Update: More awards! Thanks to everyone for all the praise. Team Fallout is very happy, except this page can take a while to load now. Sorry. The Fallout 2 web site is forthcoming.This is Team Fallout signing off...

Project Update: Computer Gaming World has made us Roleplaying Game of the Year! So did Gamesmania! Yeah! Also, lots of new links on the Links page. Thanks to all the Fallout webmeisters out there! -- 29 Jan 1998 @ 2200 PST

Gamecenter has awarded us their Mac Game of the Year award! Outstanding! -- 2 Feb @ 0740 PST

Gamespot blessed us with their RPG of the year award! Too neat! -- 4 Feb 1998 @ 1430 PST

Project Update: Avault awarded us their 1997 RPG of the Year award! Thanks, guys! More and more awards are starting to pour into the office. We'll put some of them at the bottom of this page. -- 6 Jan 1998 @ 1300 PST

Online Gaming Review (www.ogr.com) has announced we are their Game of the Year for 1997! Wow! Check out this link and see for yourself! That's wonderful news! Thank you very much! -- 6 Jan 1998 @ 1420 PST

Project Update: The Mac version of the 1.1 patch is now available. You can grab it from the Files page. In other news: Gamesdomain.com readers voted Fallout the #1 RPG of Year! Thank you! -- 11 Dec 1997 @ 1230 PST

Project Update: There are many new reviews and webpages on the Links page. Be sure to check them out. The mac version of the patch is in Quality Assurance, it will be released soon, but there is no specific date. -- 5 Dec 1997 @ 1130 PST

Project Update: The DOS and Win95 patches are now available. Go to the Files page and download them now! The patch fixes many problems, especially the multiple NPC bug and the future corruption of savegames. There is no Mac version of the patch, as many of these fixes were already incorporated into the release Mac version. -- 13 Nov 1997 @ 1015 PST

Project Update: The patch is still in QA. We found some problems with the version that was built late last week. A new version went in Friday evening. It is being tested now. There will be an announcement here when it is available. In other news, we have added a lot of pages recently to the Links page. Check 'em out! The Strategy page has been updated with more hints and tips. -- 10 Nov 1997 @ 1345 PST

Project Update: The DOS/Win95 patch is in Quality Assurance and is being tested. -- 3 Nov 1997 @ 1130 PST

Project Update: Work continues on the patch. We have found and fixed the following bugs: Geiger counter/StealthBoy switch, armor class bug, multiple NPC bug, save game corruption in combat, radiation bug, resetting maps when low on hard drive space bug, and others... No release date for the patch yet, but we'll let you know as soon as it is available. -- 30 Oct 1997 @ 1545 PST

Project Update: We are working on a patch for some of the various bugs, and we are building and testing the localized versions for Australia and the UK. The translated language versions are waiting on translations back from the translators (German, French and Spanish). The FAQ page has been updated, please let us know any comments. -- 16 Oct 1997 @ 1545 PST

Project Update: The DOS/Win95 version is filtering into stores (we actually went down and saw it on the shelves of a local retailer-- Neat!) The Mac version is in duplication. We're continuing to work on the localized versions for the rest of the world. -- 9 Oct 1997 @ 1030 PST

Project Update: Fallout DOS/Win95 should be in stores by the time you read this. The Mac version was sent to the duplicators today, and should be in the stores shortly. European and rest of world releases are unknown at this time, but we are working on the localized versions right now. The Feedback page returns! (just in time for your comments, too.) -- 7 Oct 1997 @ 1600 PST

Project Update: Fallout DOS/Win95 should be in stores by 10 Oct 1997. Fallout Mac has been delayed until we can find a crash bug in the endgame that only manifests itself in that version. For the status of all pre-orders, please contact "shipping@interplay.com", instead of the development team. Sorry, but we just don't have any pre-order information available to the team. -- 6 Oct 1997 @ 1140 PST

Project Update: Well, it's done. We shipped Fallout!

Actually, we silvered today, which means that we should be in major stores by Oct 10. So, it hasn't really shipped yet, but the duplication and manufacturing has begun! Shipped, silver - hey, we're done! -- 1 Oct 1997 @ 1615 PST

Project Update: We found the major bug (Techie FYI: it was a memory stomp. Part of the critter outline in combat was being drawn off-screen and right into a text message file. Oops!) We built a new version last night and we are testing it today. We're looking for any last minute problems. -- 30 Sep 1997 @ 1145 PST

Project Update: We have a random crash bug that is being very difficult to squash. We have pretty much taken care of all other bugs (that we have seen). We are continuing to search for bugs, but we are making no other changes to the game except squashing some of the more annoying minor stuff and searching for this major crash bug. We will not be silvering this week, as we need the Quality Assurance time to make sure that the bugs have indeed been squashed... -- 26 Sep 1997 @ 0945 PST

Project Update: We are starting to put together "final candidates." These are CDs that could possibly be final versions, if we experience no major bugs during the testing phase. The Quality Assurance team is staying extra late to go over the latest version. As soon as we silver, and can confirm the lack of major crash bugs or other stop shipment style bugs, we'll be posting here... -- 23 Sep 1997

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