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Team Photo

From left to right: Scott Everts, Leonard Boyarsky, Gary Platner, Chris Taylor, Fred Hatch,
Tim Cain, Micheal Dean, Chris Jones, Jason Anderson, Jesse Reynolds, Nick Kesting

Tim Cain - Producer/Lead Programmer
Tim is in charge of the game. Besides coding the GURPS engine, he makes sure everyone else does their job. He recently adopted a Greyhound, Toby. His cat was not so happy with this decision. His experience includes: Rags to Riches, and The Bard's Tale Construction Set.

Fred Hatch - Line Producer
Fred studied engineering in school, but decided to make games instead. (Mom and Dad are so proud.) Collects Pez dispensers. Actually eats the Pez. Fred has worked with Interplay's Executive Producer, and decided to come work for our game instead. Click here to e-mail Fred.

Chris Taylor - Designer
AKA GURPS' Chris. He does evil stuff that everyone else on the team completely screws up, at least in his opinion. He can often be found stroking his 106mm M368 cartridge in a dark room. He designed Stonekeep.

Leonard Boyarsky - Lead Artist
Leonard is another graduate of the Stonekeep School of Art. He is responsible for the art direction and style of the game. The other artists "say" they like him. Leonard is not a demented person, really.

Jason Anderson - Artist
Jason is scary-looking. We mean it. We just let him draw whatever he wants. He was the first artist on the team.

Gary Platner - Artist
Mr. Platner has done the visual conception and design for the numerous buildings, items and scenery objects that create the game environment. He looks like a little artiste, as well.

Michael Dean - Artist
Michael Dean has just left the project. We wish him well. We used to have a link to his homepage, where you could find his resume, but that worked a little too well.

Chris Jones - Programmer
Chris handles a lot of the engine coding, along with Tim and Jesse, and the Win95 version. Chris also does most of the special effects coding, such as the transluscent wall effect or the lighting model. This is some pretty important stuff. Chris worked on Star Trek: Judgment Rites, and a bunch of little stuff.

Jesse Reynolds - Programmer
Jesse has been locked out of his own apartment -2- time(s) during the course of GURPS development. Jesse has deleted important source code from the GURPS server -1- time(s). Jesse worked on Stonekeep.

Nick Kesting - Programmer
Nick is the lead scriptor. He translates the events and dialogue into game code. This is a lot of work. For play, Nick can usually be found as an Orc general in Warcraft II. Nick also worked on Stonekeep.

Scott Everts - Graphic Artist/Handyman
Scott does stuff nobody else wants to do, including most of the webpage art. Scott is a SWM, non-smoker, looking for a petite blond, SWF to share candlelight dinners and walks on the beach. Scott can be reached via e-mail. Scott previously worked on: Stonekeep, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy for the SNES, Shadoan, Star Trek: Judgment Rites and Omar Sharif Bridge 2.0.

Tramell Issac - Artist
Tramell joins us full-time, having recently come from Tachyon Studios. He has an outstanding sense of humor, and is responsible for most of the death animation touch-ups. His quality of work can be seen in the exploding kid animation.

Tim Hume - Mac Programmer
Tim just joined the team. He will be responsible for making the Macintosh version of the game. If you don't like it, let him know. Tim joins Tim to make our Tim Quotient just a little too high.

Spud - Team Mascot
Spud is our team mascot. Spud eats crickets and stays under his log most of the day. Spud is big, black and has a very large tail that he likes to show off if you take his log away. Spud is an Emperor Scorpion. Spud has been pretty boring, all he does is lie under his log. We leave him alone.

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