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Fallout Screenshots

Notice: Screenshots are not indicative of the final product. GURPS Fallout is a work in progress, and it will change. We just wanted to give you a chance to see what we are working on currently. Thanks for your understanding.
Most screenshots are 640x480, 8-bit, interlaced GIFs. Feel free to copy them and pass them around, as long as the copyright notice remains intact. They make some great backgrounds!

A town map, a city scene showing more creatures and roofs, an underground damaged vault with some robot friends, and a closeup of the Power Armor.

New Screenshots: 26-29 August 1996.
[Screenshot #9] [Screenshot #10]
[Screenshot #11] [Screenshot #12]

Old Screenshots

May 21st, 1996 - (3 screenshots)

May 8th, 1996 - E3 - (6 screenshots)

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