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Last Update: 3 Sep 1996

When is GURPS Fallout shipping?
We are looking at 2nd quarter, 1997. This date, as you might well expect, is subject to change, and probably not very accurate -- but we sure are gonna try!

What computer systems are you making the game for?
At this time, we definately are making a Windows 95 version. A DOS version is almost inevitable. A Macintosh version is possible, and we are really, really considering doing one. We'll know better as we get closer to actually shipping. If we do a Mac version, it should ship simultaneous, or darn close to it, with the other versions.

May I beta-test it? Help with the programming?
Sorry, at this time Interplay maintains a large in-house Quality Assurance department. We do very, very limited out of house testing at this time. GURPS Fallout is not in Q/A at this time, and we don't have any plans of making beta test copies available. Due to some factors beyond our control (ie, legal), we don't use outside programming (or insert any other task) help without a contract. Thanks, but we have to make do with what we have...

How come Interplay is making a GURPS game?
Because we play GURPS. We play it, and we like it. So we licensed GURPS from Steve Jackson Games, and intend to use the GURPS rules to make a game engine for superior role-playing games. Fallout will be the first game using this engine.

Who are you people?
We are the GURPS Fallout development team. An evil baker's dozen, we admit. You can find out more information by looking at the MUTANTS! page.

What genre is Fallout?
Fallout is a post-nuclear, survivalist game. We picked this genre because GURPS handles aspects of this type of game very well. We also liked big guns and mutants.

What kind of game will Fallout be?
Fallout is an 3rd person perspective, isometric view single-player role-playing game. The game is normally real-time, but during combat, we switch to turn-based tactical combat. The combat plays very quickly, and accurately reflects actual fighting. We think that this will give us the best of both worlds.

When will there be a demo?
It's a little too early to know. We plan on having a demo available before the release of Fallout. We think demos are cool, especially when you can play them. When the demo is available, you'll find out here!

Can I get some screenshots?
Check out the RADIATION page. You can download these screenshots to show your friends and scare your pets!

Why do you use .gif files for some of your screenshots?
While we try to use as many .jpg files to keep the size of the webpage down, we feel that the .gif files look better for our screenshots. As they say, YMMV.

Will GURPS be affected by Interplay's TSR license?
In addition to GURPS, Interplay has also licensed two of the Advanced Dungeons&Dragons® worlds; Forgotten Realms and Planescape. GURPS is not part of the TSR division, and we maintain separate resources from TSR. We do, however, get to benefit from the general increase in RPG development in-house here at Interplay. TSR and GURPS are not considered competing products internally, and are being developed with another RPG line: Stonekeep. Interplay likes RPGs.

What editions and sourcebooks is Interplay using for Fallout?
The core rules are using the GURPS Basic Set, 3rd Edition Revised. Useful sourcebooks have been: GURPS Space, High Tech, Ultra Tech and Robots.

Will the game include digitized speech?
Based on an informal 'net survey, we decided to include digitized speech for selected characters. Of course, text will always be available and speech can be turned off.

How true to the real GURPS will Fallout be?
Very close. As close as a computer version can be, we hope. We are paying close attention to the rules (the combat function alone is Huge!) We plan on fully supporting the reaction rules (in case anyone takes a Charismatic, Very Beautiful character with Voice and Sex Appeal.)

How much of GURPS will the game include?
We won't be able to use everything, of course. We are going to include all skills, advantages, and disadvantages that make a difference in the game. This is pretty much the way a normal, tabletop version would be run by a competent GM. Most rules are being implemented (especially in combat), with many side-bar rules be implemented as optional rules adjusted by the player.

How come you have exploding cows?
Actually, we have lots of things that explode: people, mutants, children, dogs and other fleshy things. The violence level of this game will be a little overboard. But it will also be adjustable, you can tone down the gratitious violence, if you wish. This game would make John Woo proud.

Do you have any interesting bits of tid?
Nearly all art is being rendered on Silicon Graphics workstations using Alias.
We are also using traditional 2D and clay models.
The soundtrack will be 100% digital music.
This product will have no detectable organic pesticide residue.
We own the orbital mind control lasers. Buy more GURPS products!

What does FNORD stand for?
You are not authorized to know.

Where can I get more information on other Interplay titles?
Check out the Interplay homepage at:

Also available: The Interplay/CRPG FAQ. 20k of information about Interplay and all of their computer role-playing games.
Have any more questions? See something here that didn't make sense? Then please e-mail us:
Contact the Project Leader for GURPS Fallout: Tim Cain

Much information is discussed, especially hints and tips for your favorite games, in the newsgroup.

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