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    This is the complete listing of people who have worked on GURPS Fallout to date, and a little of what they have done. If we missed anybody, we'll try and add them in shortly.

  1. Tim Cain, Lead Programmer/Project Leader
  2. Jason Anderson, Artist (3D)
  3. Leanord Boyarsky, Lead Artist (3D/2D)
  4. Michael Dean, Artist (3D)
  5. Scott Campbell, Designer
  6. Brian Freyermuth, Designer
  7. Fred Hatch, Line Producer
  8. Gary Platner, Artist (3D/2D)
  9. Arlene Sommers, Artist (2D)
  10. Helena Wickberg, Artist (2D)
  11. Chris Taylor, Lead Designer
  12. Jesse Reynolds, Programmer
  13. Chris Jones, Programmer
  14. Jason Taylor, Programmer/Utilities
  15. Tony Postma, Conceptual Artist
  16. Spencer Kipe, Conceptual Artist
  17. Cheryl Austin, Artist (2D)
  18. Tom Decker, Original Producer
  19. Jeremy S. Barnes, GURPS Chargen Data Typist
  20. Nick Kesting, Programmer/Scripter
  21. Michael Field, Artist (2D)
  22. Tramell Isaac, Artist (2D)
  23. James Doyle (Apples Animation), Artist (Movie)
  24. Mark O’Green, Design/Dialogue
  25. Mark Morgan, Music
  26. Geoff Gregor, 3D Artist (Heads)
  27. Erik Jamison, 3D Artist (Heads)
  28. Scott Everts, Graphic Artist/Handyman
  29. Scott Rodenhizer, Clay Modeller
  30. Sharon Shellman, Artist (3D)
  31. George Almond, Artist (2D/3D)
  32. Joseph Cesario, Artist (2D)
  33. Jay Esparza (Tachyon), Artist (2D)
  34. Time Hume, Mac Programmer
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