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FalloutInterplay Productions has licensed the GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System) from Steve Jackson Games to create computer versions of the popular paper & pencil home game. The first game, Fallout: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure, is due out within a year.

Fallout is planned for Windows 95 release, with a DOS version very likely. A Macintosh version is expected from Macplay.

The goal of the GURPS development team here at Interplay is to make a fun game that will be familiar to GURPS players and accessible to newcomers. Great care has gone into translating the GURPS rules to the computer version, and all the great things that you've come to expect from the system have translated very well. The turn-based tactical combat system uses the advanced GURPS combat, and is very fast to play.

The Setting

GURPS Fallout is about survival after a nuclear war. As the player, your background is a survivor in a giant underground shelter, called a VAULT. For generations, your people have lived inside this Vault after a terrible nuclear war, never venturing outdoors. Now, a crisis has developed, requiring an adventurer to journey forth and brave the unknown terrors that await. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose from several developed characters or use the detailed GURPS character creation rules to make the character that you want to play.

Art and the Zen of Role-Playing Games

Our artists are using a wide-range of tools to create the unique look and feel of Fallout. Detailed animations, numerous scenary objects and different wall styles, and a rather neat looking interface are all just a small part of the total art requirements we're beating out of our artists. While the majority of art is being rendered using different 3D packages, we are also using 2D and clay models to round out the art -- using the best tool for the particular job. Fallout should be the most graphic intensive 3rd-person perspective RPG to date.

The Program

Our programmers and scriptors are working hard to translate the GURPS rules into a fun and exciting game to play. We have implemented most of the GURPS combat, reaction and character creation rules. The "engine" is dynamic, and is designed to remain true to the Generic philosophy of GURPS. Most of the actual Fallout "game" will be handled via a scripting engine, that works directly with the core GURPS rules engine and our interface.

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