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Feel free to copy these screenshots for your own private use, as long as the copyright notice remains intact. Click on the thumbnail view below to get a larger picture. See the Old Screenshot page if you want to see other pictures, including game play shots.


Last Update: 14 October 1997

Buying some bits! (161k)

Nice place you got (160k)

Got some stuff (153k)

Looking at some caravans (174k)

Is that your real hair? (120k)

Looking at our Automap (80k)

That's a mighty big hole (138k)

Yuck! Goo! (164k)

Looking at the real map (151k)

Taking on some raiders (177k)

Kill! Kill! Make hamburger! (170k)

A boxing ring? (184k)

Who's got time to gamble!? (192k)

1024x680 View of a city (826k)

Please Stand By (406k)

Please wait... (311k)

Loading Fallout... (180k)

Loading!!! (432k)

Get Ready! (246k)

All screenshots are copyright 1998 Interplay Productions. All Rights Reserved. Interplay reserves the rights to make changes at anytime, especially between now and when we actually final the product.


soda machine of the wasteland

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