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Raider Buggy

Cobbled together by a bunch of drunken raiders in a barn! Very unreliable so it's not you ideal vehicle for taking on the might of the wastelands. But it is reasonably fast and manoeuvrable and it's probably the first car you will ever own!

Seating capacity:1
Armour:Not good! Some protection against bullets and thrown projectiles but no protection at all against armour piercing and energy weapons.
Max Speed:45 MPH
Cruising Speed:35 MPH
Turning Circle:15ft
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B.O.S. Scouter

Built by the brotherhood using old V.W parts. It's great for fast recon work. The cockpit is almost entirely enclosed although the armour is really only effective against light weapons. It holds one man, in relative discomfort, and has a reasonable cargo capacity.

Seating capacity:1
Armour:Good protection against light arms fire. Its' not particularly effective against armour piercing and it offers hardly any protection from energy weapons.
Max Speed:40 MPH
Cruising Speed:30 MPH
Turning Circle:15ft
B.O.S. Scouter
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B.O.S. Hummer

The design is based loosely on the M1025 Hummer as built by AMG in the late 20th and early 21st century. Many of the parts used are original and a testament to the quality of the original vehicles. Used by the brotherhood as a general purpose work horse, it's a fast and reliable way to get about.

Seating capacity:4 (depending on armour and bulk of personnel)
Armour:Basically the same armour value as the scouter. It is pretty good against small arms fire but is not designed to withstand heavy weapons or energy attacks.
Max Speed:35 MPH
Cruising Speed:25 MPH
Turning Circle:25ft
B.O.S. Hummer
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B.O.S APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)

An original design from the B.O.S. This is a heavily armoured personnel transport. Twin Tracks carry the vehicle over most terrain and provide for a very small turning circle. It's slow though so once it's caught out in the open it's a bit of a sitting duck for heavy artillery.

Seating capacity:8
Armour:Medium thickness armour plating protects the occupants so it's good against most conventional weapons. It's partially effective against energy weapons.
Max Speed:20 MPH
Cruising Speed:10 MPH
Turning Circle:0ft
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It's a tank! Possibly a Sherman but it's been heavily modified over the years. Basically all of your preconceived ideas about tanks being heavy, slow but virtually unstoppable are born out by this baby. It's got a 75mm gun which can lob a shell over a reasonable distance (very reasonable before the raiders tried to rebore the barrel)

Seating capacity:2 (one driver + one gunner)
Armour:Very heavy armour plating make this the vehicle of choice for driving visiting those unruly neighbours! It offers some protection to energy weapons.
Max Speed:15 MPH
Cruising Speed:8 MPH
Turning Circle:0ft
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