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PipBoy Goodies! Fallout Tactics Home
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Wow! It's been a busy day for me over here at the Fallout Tactics page, but I've got some more great stuff for you!

I've added in all kinds of stuff, but I've also done some re-arranging! There is now a Visuals Page where you will find the screenshots as well as any art that may be on the site. Next you'll notice that there is now a Character and a Weapon Section! YEAY! I've even updated the Vehicles section for you!

So check them out! I've got specs and summaries for all three sections! :)

^..^ Krazikatt


Fallout Tactics Developer Update

We're getting closer to releasing the multiplayer demo. In addition to multiplayer goodness, the fine folks at Micro-Forté have been listening to your contributions, comments and feedback. The multiplayer demo will be a little different from the previously released single-player demo. Here are just some of the changes we are making:

  • Turn-Based combat is getting some serious revisions. In addition to adding the AP counter, you will be able to select Team Turn-Based. In this mode, all of your characters will move on the same part of your turn. There is a Delay Action command for Sequenced Turn-Based. (We love making new terms up...) These changes should let you make better use of the whole squad in TB mode.
  • Characters have IFF markers. Enemies have red circles under their feet, allies have green circles. Selected group members have a bright white circle, making them much easier to see if they are selected or not.
  • Keys only need to be in your inventory to use them on a door.
  • Failing with Sneak gets better feedback.
  • The AI got tweaked.
  • So did pathfinding!
  • New cursors.
  • Plus lots of bugs were fixed and other features were tweaked.
The multiplayer demo will also include all of the revamped single-player demo missions.


Chris Taylor - ctaylor@interplay.com
Senior Game Designer - Interplay Entertainment Corp


Hey Guys! I've updated JoinBrotherhoodofSteel.com if you'd all like to take a look! Besides some graphical and color changes to the site I've also made it so you can click on one of the smaller images and get a larger pop-up. Let me know what you think!

I've also updated the Art Page with the last of the images from this page. You might want to check it out, because there are 2 images on there that don't pop-up on the JoinBrotherhoodofSteel.com page!

^..^ Krazikatt


Guess what? I know many of you will be excited to hear this bit of information! No more sleepless nights waiting and wondering if you should pre-order Fallout Tactics through the Interplay Store or not, because we now know what the bonus item is!

Okay are you ready? hehe... alright, you get an awesome bonus CD with an extra mission on it, as well as a really cool camouflage bag! (I've seen them, and yes, they are really cool)... you can even get a sneak peak of one at the store!

As for the extra mission.... listen to this:

    "At ease, Warrior.

    Brotherhood Intelligence has recently uncovered a plot involving the town of Springfield. The plot rotates around the assassination of Springfield’s Mayor, a man responsible for many human-ghoul alliances in this region. His affiliation with the ghouls has angered some far-right human activists who refuse to acknowledge ghouls as near equals. While I have to say I agree with them, our Elders think otherwise.

    Dagger Squad captured the ringleaders to this plot, but the assassins are already on their way. Our interrogators have informed me that the assassins are dressed as common raiders to deflect any suspicion. Normally the Brotherhood doesn’t meddle in politics but this offers a chance to secure Springfield in the Brotherhood fold.

    Your mission is to warn Mayor Sampson and to protect him at all costs. You leave immediately.


So yes, it is now official, but it's only while supplies last, so you'd better hurry! Your mission is to go to the Interplay Store and pre-order your copy of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel now! :) Just
Click Here!

Oh, I've also noticed that many of you are reluctant to pre-order through the store because you live outside the United States, so I brought it up at the last meeting and we're now looking into getting pre-orders of Fallout Tactics at the Interplay Store's UK, France and Germany sites. That way you won't have to pay such high shipping costs! ...I will definitely keep you posted on this!

^..^ Krazikatt


Hey Everyone! Did you have a good weekend?

Well, today I've got some more 3D renders for you from JoinBrotherhoodofSteel.com on the Art Page for you!

^..^ Krazikatt


I've got a lot of new links for you today!

Of course before you look at the links you have to go to the new JoinBrotherhoodofSteel.com site, because I've change the index page to reflect the box art, and I know you've all been waiting for a hint of the box! (This is not the actual box art! I said it was something to give you a hint!)

Alright, did you look at at it yet? Did you like it? Okay cool, now you can check out the Links Page. Today I've posted 2 new German fansites, Planet Fallout and Fallout Fan, as well as some new demo reviews and a cool quiz brought to us by Fallout Center where you can test your fallout knowledge!

Have a good time!
^..^ Krazikatt


New 3D Renders! YEAY!

Okay, just like I promised, there are 6 new 3D renders (taken from the JoinBrotherhoodofSteel.com site) on the Art Page!

My personal favorite is "happy pie" :) enjoy!
^..^ Krazikatt


Hey Guys! Are you having a little trouble getting through the missions on the demo?

Well then go to the Links Page and check out the "demo help" section. Freelancer and No Mutants Allowed have been kind enough to post some walkthroughs and maps!

^..^ Krazikatt

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