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PipBoy Goodies! Fallout Tactics Home
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Hey all... I've got some new Fallout Goodies for you!
Check out the Links page for a new preview, a new interview with Chris Taylor, and some new screenshots!

^..^ Krazikatt


Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

Where has the time gone? If it's like the chicken, it probably crossed the road.

Sorry. Strange humor. I'm getting ready for a short vacation, so I'm just getting ready to blow off some steam and relax for a while.

This last week has been interesting. We're almost finished with the design and dialogue for the tutorials and the demo missions. Ed, Dan, Tony and myself have been working on the missions, getting them in shape for a studio recording. Lots of voice work coming up. The tutorials are nifty. Dan put some nice shine on the dialogue. All I can say is that it's bad to be a brahmin in a Fallout Tactics tutorial. The first three tutorials will be in the first demo, the single-player demo. You'll see what I mean then.

For the last three or so weeks, we've been having weekly marketing meetings (if you can't reach me from 10:30 to 11:30 on Thursday mornings, I'm in a meeting!) to talk about Fallout Tactics marketing and PR plans. Lots of funky stuff coming up on the horizon. Some of this also has to do with keeping the website up to date and some special online promotions, so if you have any ideas or comments, please post them in the Forum.

Things that we will be dealing with the near future: music, voice over dialogue, mission design, vehicles and the demos. Lots of things to do, just enough time to do it and still be able to take some time off... :) I'm going to game convention this weekend. Nothing like gaming to revitalize a gamer.

Have a good one!

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer


Hey check it out! I've thrown up some links to some new Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel interviews and other goodies on the links page!



Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

Woo! For those that don't know, myself and Dan Levin (another designer here at Interplay) left the warm comfort of sunny SoCal to journey to Australia to meet with the Micro-Forté guys. Our trip was extremely productive and was time very well spent. I'm back, but Dan is still working down there for a few more days.

We spent most of our time with Ed (designer) and Tony (producer), but we also meet all the programmers, artists and level designers.

The primary topic for discussion was mission design, but we also talked about (at various times): new weapons, vehicles, game mechanics (like the way Doctor works now, for example), multiplayer games, tutorials and demos, updating the official website more often (heh), movies and cut-scenes, localization and other various issues. It was really keen seeing the most up to date build (I like using the word 'keen') and all the work that was going into the game. We have a pretty good grasp of the current status now, and Tactics is surprisingly larger than we had been expecting.

For the missions, we worked on mission sequencing (where a mission goes in the story and when missions become available on completing earlier missions), mission events and skill usage, mission revisitation (we have a new plan), consequences of player actions, character type differences and random encounters. One major change to previously discussed plans is the number of missions. Previously, we had 20 core missions and 18 side missions (with no random encounters and no mission revisitation). We are now working on 25 core missions, plus random encounters and the ability to revisit previous missions. There is about the same amount of material, but it is presented in a way that will let more people see the material.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate the Icewind Dale team over in Black Isle. They have made a really good (and keen!) game. Very, very enjoyable and a great way to lose a couple of hours that should have been better spent writing up notes and working on design...

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer


Hey check it out! There are some more new screenshots for you on the art page!

Lot's of blood and guts! OOOooooooo......

- Krazikatt


Hey everyone check it out! There are some new screenshots for you on the art page!


- Krazikatt

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