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PipBoy Goodies! Fallout Tactics Home
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Chris Taylor Interview and FRENCH patch info

Hey Guys, Fallout eXtreme is back up and has a Chris Taylor interview for you all.

Next if you're waiting on a fix for the issue with FRENCH character images in multiplayer; they should have something available very soon. I will keep you posted!

^..^ Krazikatt


The Official German Site is up!

Hey Everyone, the Official German Fallout Tactics site is finally up! Just head on over to www.staehlernebruderschaft.de to check it out!

^..^ Krazikatt


The Patch is Here!

Hey everyone, the patch has finally arrived! But please notice that this patch still has some multiplayer issues. They released this patch mainly for those of you who are playing single player right now, and are still working on addressing the multiplayer bugs.

The patch is 12.8 MB, and this is what they said about it:

    "** Note** - This patch is geared primarilly toward the single player component and a few mutliplaiyer issue still need to be addressed. Please look for future updates here."
Just go to the Downloads page for the read me file and the download.
^..^ Krazikatt


Patch Update from Chris

This is what he said on the boards today:

    We are up to patch 1.25. It's been in testing for several days now. Each new patch requires this amount of time to test, since we need to play through the single-player campaign and play many, many multiplayer games under different testing conditions.

    Singleplayer seems very good. There are no known issues that would stop us from releasing this patch.

    There are three known issues remaining with multiplayer. Two are related to the new respawning feature (getting stuck and a possible crash in TB mode) and one is a massive frame rate reduction if a player quits in the middle of a battle.

    We have a couple people out sick today that would be responsible for making the decision to release the patch or continue to work on it. We're talking to them and hope to make a decision as soon as possible.

    Note that it is one patch, and the singleplayer fixes cannot be released without releasing the multiplayer fixes (and those three known problems).

    It's an all or nothing deal.

    We would, of course, release another patch that would update multiplayer (and singleplayer again), if we decide to release this patch.

    E-mail is flying furiously around, as we type.


Oh yeah, and for those of you who decided to wait on buying the game until the patch was out, the store is having it's Wednesday special and Fallout Tactics is being sold for $29.95 today only so by the time you receive your copy of the game the patch should be here! To get this deal go to the Interplay Store and click on the yellow special button in the top left corner of the page!

^..^ Krazikatt


Even More Patch Info!

Okay every one, I've received an email from Chris T saying that the patch is still in QA, it may be done today or tomorrow according to the latest info that he has, but he is expecting it tomorrow sometime.
^..^ Krazikatt


More Patch Info!

Hey Everyone, I've been sick for a while so I apologize for not being able to update this page recently.

Duck and Cover has posted some info on the patch for us all, and the Dev TV section is getting full if you want to check it out!

^..^ Krazikatt


2 New Dev TV's!

Hey Everyone, there are two new Dev TV's in the Downloads section for ya. This time Steve Baldoni's answering the questions, so go check them out!

As for the patch, last I heard it was still in QA, so I will keep you posted as I hear more info.

^..^ Krazikatt


Patch Info!

For those of you still eagerly awaiting the patch, Karl Burdack has posted a patch update for you all!

To check it out just head on over to Karl's post on the webboard.

^..^ Krazikatt

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