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PipBoy Goodies! Fallout Tactics Home
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Ever wonder what Max Sneddon does from day to day? Or maybe you're waiting anxiously for your FT screenshot fix?

If so you're in luck today! Vault 13 has posted "A Day in the Life of Max" and XRG has posted 3 dozen new Fallout Tactics Screenshots! Tony Oakden has even done an interview with Freelancer! Does it get better then this? hehe...

Of course! The Novy Disk Company has made a nice announcement (In Russian)! For those of you who don't read Russian, our friend Yuri Bushin has translated it into a nice little paragraph for us:

    "Interplay decided to publish the game on 2 CDs and retail box photos will be posted by the end of this week. You can now pre-order Tactics from Russia! All Novy Disc's pre-ordering customers will get both the original game and 2 bonus CDs - one will contain a set of multiplayer maps, the other - an exclusive additional single-player mission as well as a full version of the Fallout and Fallout Tactics pen & paper game."

Great news huh? You will be able to find all of the other fabulous stuff on the Links Page! Enjoy!

^..^ Krazikatt


IGN Vault has posted another "Designer Diary" written by Chris Taylor for your Fallout reading pleasure.

    "Progress continues on Fallout Tactics. We're definitely into that period of darkness better known as "crunch phase". Quality Assurance crews at Interplay and Micro-Forté are hard at work finding bugs for the programmers to squish. The Audio department is working full speed to get us all the sound effects, voice over audio and music that we can use. Dan Levin has been up in Hollywood (Studio City, actually) for the last week working with the voice talent. We're getting revs fairly constantly now, with all sorts of goodness falling into place."

Check out the Links Page for the link to the whole story!
^..^ Krazikatt


Happy Friday! Whew... we made it!

Today we've just got a couple little things for ya. Vault 13 has a new Dev update for ya, and there's a Preview on 3D GameForce Network. Just jump over to the links section to find them! (I did a little work today to try and clean that page up for you a little!)
^..^ Krazikatt



Hey everyone! I hope you all have a sweet heart for today, but if not there's always Fallout right? Hehe... okay, today I've got some new previews and interviews for ya!

^..^ Krazikatt


Hey Everyone! Want to win some cool stuff?!?

Alright, for all of you who didn't win the computer (and there were a lot of you) here's another chance to win some fun stuff! Duck and Cover and Micro Forte have teamed up to bring you the Tactics Caption Competition!

The grand prize winner will get a spiffy t-shirt as well as getting your name permanently attached to Fallout Tactics! But don't worry, if you only win second prize you'll get an awesome Black Isle prize pack! Check out the Duck and Cover site for more info!

Today I also have posted a bunch of new links on the Links Page for your enjoyment. (You know, the usual interviews, previews and stuff).

Also check this out... GameSpot did a survey, and Fallout was rated the most wanted Massively Multiplayer environment!

^..^ Krazikatt


We've got a WINNER!

I know you're all wondering who the lucky winner of the new Falcon Northwest computer is... right? Well after receiving several thousands of entries, we've randomly picked one lucky person.

Congratulations Yan Petit of France... You've won!

^..^ Krazikatt


Hey Everyone!

If you're finding it a little tough to get through the demos then check this out. SwankyGames.com has posted a strategy guide for your convenience!

    "First of all a small disclaimer to all the hardcore Fallout Tactics monkeys. This isn't supposed to cover specifics and will probably be a bit general for you, but for the other 99% of the gamers out there I think you'll find this guide helpful and it should allow you to build off of these basic strategies so that you can being to form your own."

    - Corey "Kamarov" Peters

Also I've updated the Links Page again today with interviews and posters and stuff so make sure you check it out!

^..^ Krazikatt


Hey Everyone! I've updated the Links Page today with all kinds of great links. Make sure you check it out!

^..^ Krazikatt

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